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April 17 Links and Eventual Commentary

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-The Daily Show discusses Oklahoma's personhood bill. 

-Since children's media seems to be of interest, here is a list by Malic White at Bitch Media's End of Gender series of story books on the mulitiplicities and complexities of gender. The End of Gender series this past week has covered parenting and gender non-conforming children.

-A Mighty Girl: An entire site dedicated to positive media portrayals of girls. It looks very exciting to me as someone who read and enjoyed many of the books that are listed on the site, and as someone who continues to consume children's media aimed at or inclusive of girls. 

-A Feministing post about The Dinner Party. There isn't much to it besides stating that it exists, but considering our discussions of the piece earlier in the year, what does it mean that a well-known feminist site simply presents the piece with out any commentary?

-From Autostraddle comes coverage of Melissa Harris-Perry's (wonderful, fantastic woman you should look into) MSNBC segment on trans individuals in the U.S. Kate Bornstein, National Center for Transgender Equality director Mara Keisling, Democratic candidate for NYC Council Mel Wymore, and Allison Kilkenny of Citizen Radio are all guests. In comparison to Jenna Talackova's press coverage this seems to be considerably better. 

Will be continued later.