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Feminist Readings?

aybala50's picture

What is a feminist work? I've, for the most part, enjoyed the readings we've been assigned in class. Reading Canzone and Lifting Belly were very different experiences. With Canzone I could tell very clearly the sexual nature in which the poem was meant to be felt (or tasted?). However, with Lifting Belly I was clueless. Despite the fact that I was searching for a hint of feminism and even lesbian sex I missed all of the clues. Until our discussion in class I had no idea what lifting belly stood for and to be honest I was bored and skimmed the whole thing. 

Despite my confusion in content and meaning of these poems, I found myself further confused looking for feminist meaning in the works. Are these poems feminist? In what way? Talking about sexuality from a women's point of view? What makes a literary work, a poem, a movie, or rather anything feminist?