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Philosophy of Science 2008

The overriding theme of this course is an exploration of the nature of scientific knowledge in the context of the realist/constructivist controversy in the philosophy of science. It will seek an accommodation between realism and constructivism. Further topics include evolution, complexity and emergence, the brain, and science as story telling as they bear on the overriding theme.

Phil 310 = Bio 310, Spring 2008, Tuesdays, 1-3:30


Course instructors:

Texts include:

  • Peter Kosso, Appearance and Reality: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Physics
  • T.S. Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
  • David Miller, ed.Popper Selections

For additional assigned and recommended readings see Course Schedule

Relevant readings from prior work of instructors

Past course offerings

One course in philosophy or natural science.

Course requirements:
Attendence at and active participation in class sessions. Three papers (5-8 pages each). Opportunities for in-class presentations and for continuing conversation through a public on-line course forum will also be available.

Course Schedule - with links to selected notes

Course website: /exchange/courses/philsci/s08

Course on-line forum

Some web resources:


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