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Philosophy of Science 2008 - Additional discussion resources

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Class discussions draw significantly on prior published work by both instructors. References to such work not included in class reading assignments are added here as their relevance emerges.
First 5 class sessions
Michael Krausz, Rightness and Reasons: Interpretation in Cultural Practices, Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1993 (R&R)
Michael Krausz, Limits of Rightness, Lanham, Md.: Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2000 (LR)
A.D. Ritvoi (ed) Interpretation and its Objects: Studies in the Philosophy of Michael Krausz, New York: Rodopi, 2003 (I&O)
Michael Krausz, Interpretation and Transformation: Explorations in Art and the Self, New York: Rodopi, 2007 (I&T)
For singularism vs. multiplism: Part I of R&R
For the relation between ideals of interpretation and ontology (realism vs. constructivism): Part II of R&R.
For further development of the above: Ch. 1-4 of LR
For attempts toward a reconciliation between realism and constructivism: Ch. 6-10 of LR
For aims of interpretation and edification, and life projects. etc. Ch.11-14 of LR.
For development of all the above in light of I&O, the whole of I&T
Paul Grobstein, Two Cultures or One?, Serendip, 1996 (2cultures?)
Paul Grobstein, Science Matters ... How?, Serendip, 2003 (science?)
Paul Grobstein, Writing Descartes: I Am, and I Can Think, Therefore ... Serendip, 2004 (descartes)
Paul Grobstein, Fundamentalism and Relativism: Finding a New Direction, Serendip, 2005 (fundrel)
Paul Grobstein, The Perils and Potentials of "I Believe ...", Serendip, 2006 (ibelieve)
Paul Grobstein, Getting It Less Wrong, Serendip, 2006 (lesswrong)
On problems of fundamentalism in science and elsewhere: fundrel, ID&evol, ibelieve, twocultures?
On the limits of induction and deduction: Rorty
On approaches to science and culture beyond induction and deduction: science?, SMB&HC, lesswrong, descartes


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