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NonFictional Prose, Fall '10: Weekly On-Line Postings

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To register for a Serendip account,
* go to the course webpage
* click on the Login link (top, right of page), then
* click on Create New Account;
* you MUST use your bi-college e-mail address
* but your user-name doesn't have to be  your name

Think a little about whether you want your words associated w/ your (full/partial/symbolic/pseudo-) name, and whether you will want it so associated in 1, 2, 5 years....the content will remain on-line long after you've left the College.

The registration code will be given out in class.

When you register for an account, please also join the class group.

You may also want to upload a picture of yourself/symbol of your way of thinking/avatar/gravatar, which will then appear w/ each of your postings.  If so, go to "My account" --> "Edit" --> "Upload picture," and follow the instructions there.

ALWAYS LOG IN BEFORE you post, so that what you have written will appear immediately automatically (otherwise----due to the need for spam control, it will need to be individually vetted, and so delayed).

If you use Word to compose your post, please upload it using the "W" icon; otherwise you'll end up displaying lots of wierd formatting.

Once a week, go to our course forum, type your posting, preview it, and AND BE SURE TO TAG IT as "Non-Fictional Prose."

I'm looking forward to our virtual conversation as well as those we'll be having in person. Stay calm, and contact if you have problems.