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Emerging Genres: Archive of Class Notes

Archive of Class Notes for Emerging Genres

Day One: Reading Images, Imagining Forms

Day Two: Anyone for Tennis?

Day Three: The Power of Genre

Day Four: The Power and Limits of Synecdoche

Day Five: Starting Moby-Dick

Day Six: Exploring Moby-Dick

Day Seven: The Politics of Moby-Dick

Day Eight: Evolution and Literature: Notes on Change and Order

Day Nine: Introduction to Modern Genre Theory

Day Ten: Finishing Moby-Dick

Day Eleven: Literary Facts and Transformations (Tynyanov, Propp and Bakhtin)

Day Twelve: Beginning Uncle Tom's Cabin

Day Thirteen: "Freedom is a Feeling": Continuing Uncle Tom's Cabin

Day Fourteen: "Realness," Reading...and Sacrifice: Uncle Tom's Cabin in the 20th Century


Day Fifteen: Welcome to the Promised Land!

Day Sixteen: Exploring the Utopic

Day Seventeen: The Law of Genre

Day Eighteen: "Monkeys Picking Fleas": Beginning The Scarlet Letter

Day Nineteen: "Kicking A-": The Scarlet Letter as Autobiography"

Day Twenty: Snarkiness, or "A Dark Necessity"?: The Scarlet Letter Finale

Day Twenty-One: The Moebius Strip that is a Blog: What Genre Is It?

Day Twenty-Two: "Unsettling Narrative Territory": Web/Log <--> We/Blog

Day Twenty-Three: A Conversation with Tim Burke, Citizen Intellectual

Day Twenty-Four: A Conversation with Kate Thomas
About Communication Technologies, Past and Present

Day Twenty-Five: A Conversation with Geeky Mom About Benevolent Dictatorship

Day Twenty-Six: To Blog or Not to Blog? A Conversation with Paul Grobstein

Day Twenty-Seven: Grokking on the Internet with Anne Dalke