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Evolving Systems Web Papers 2010


These are the webpapers that emerged from Making Sense of Ourselves in an Evolving Universe, a first-semester seminar offered at Bryn Mawr College in Fall 2010. At the end of semester spent thinking together about "who we are, how we got to be this way, and what's next," students are posting here their thoughts on what seems most critical to them in the context of on-going evolutionary change, which occurs simultaneously in the realms of the inanimate, the living and the cultural world.

Take a look around, and feel warmly welcome to respond in the comment area available at the end of each paper. What strikes, intrigues, puzzles you...what, among your reactions, might be of interest or use to the writer, or others in the class, or others who--exploring the internet--might be in search of thoughtful reimagining of future evolution, both of ourselves as individuals and of our world as a whole?