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Lyrics to my individual evolution.

Here’s a story of how I’ve grown and learned things
From sharing stories
I will start out with how I walked into class
And sat there listening 

I was very quiet
Too nervous to say anything
That was doubting
I kept my thoughts to myself,
Focusing on reactions of the people who were busy shouting
But then after a few weeks
I let my persona leak
Oh, oh, oh
No one acted how I feared
And my tension disappeared
Now you’ve met me

I used to be shy, shy, shy
Now I’m bold, bold, bold
I’m molded by the stories my classmates told
They opened up my eyes
Now I see in different lights
I learned things aren’t always black and white

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Asel and Cioglu


This is a story of how the Earth and its inhabitants were made. There used to be a time when there was no Earth. Where the Earth sits today, there used to be space. And next to this space were two planets called Mars and Venus, which were ruled by Asel and Cioglu, respectively.

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