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Week 14--Creating an Unreal World (and Working on the Real One!)

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As finale to our course, we'll be attending the Wilma production of Linda Griffiths' play, Age of Arousal. Please go to the theater forum on Serendip to post your reactions to this attempt to "create an unreal world."

Use this forum to archive accounts of your own final performances: scripts and commentary.

Thanks to all, for all--


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presentation recap

The powerpoint file that Alexander, Steph and I created to supplement our presentation can be found here. To help set the scene, I will also add that we viewed our performance as an enactment of Anne's potluck. We dressed the part, with a bow-tie, cocktail apron and even a shirt on consuming meat among us. To complete the scenario, we brought beverages to toast with and the projected and spoken menu of online thoughts from throughout the course. The finale included a sparkling cider toast to our fearless leader, Anne, punctuated with a gift to her of a bouquet of flowers. It was a memorable and emotional last Bryn Mawr class for me, for sure.



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Lovely Lady Loving Feminists (Happy Feminism!)



Whoa Man

Whoaaaaa Man

The feminist’s sex, you look perplexed

We’re singing a rock awesome song



Let’s talk about why you’re pissed

So you can become a feminist

So many things will make you pissed

After you become a feminist



Feminism has so many uses

Through three whole waves

We have fought male abuses



So when you feel like the only girl

Against the patriarchy



Here’s a list of ladies who are feminists



Just like you and me



Anne Dalke is one for sure



Just give me a couple seconds so I can think of some more



If you’re looking for something sexy read Laugh of the Medusa


Lifting G Stein’s belly is a little too obtuse (and gross/I don’t get it)


Linda Kauffman might not like this song

She’d say it was personal testimony



and she thinks that is wrong



You may like the ranting of the angry Bell Hooks


Or perhaps you prefer the poetry of Audre Lord and Gwendlein Brook



All feminists!


Let’s talk about why you’re pissed

So you can become a feminist

So many things will make you pissed

After you become a feminist



James Sosnoski



Not a chick



But he can still be a feminist



Even with a dick



Virginia Woolf wrote three Guinees


Now the question stands



How would you spend your three pennies?


Ann Dixon keeps serendip awesome

She updates it every day



so we can argue on the forum



When we read Octavia Butler

Abby and Weezie didn’t like her


But you know who everybody loves?



Fucking Susan Stryker


You don’t have to be in English house to debate


In fact, you can live and work in a completely different state



Yeah alums!

We talk about why we’re pissed

That’s why we call ourselves feminists

We’re sorry if there’s something we have missed

We’re still pretty awesome feminists


So drink your rum and sour mix

And play a game of pick up sticks

Pour yourself a sierra mist

And read a lady theorist

Open up a bag of chips

And shake your child bearing hips

Anne Dalke would be really pissed

If you weren’t a lovely lady loving feminist

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From the Staford

From the Staford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:

Feminism is both an intellectual commitment and a political movement that seeks justice for women and the end of sexism in all forms. However, there are many different kinds of feminism. Feminists disagree about what sexism consists in, and what exactly ought to be done about it; they disagree about what it means to be a woman or a man and what social and political implications gender has or should have. Nonetheless, motivated by the quest for social justice, feminist inquiry provides a wide range of perspectives on social, cultural, and political phenomena. Important topics for feminist theory and politics include: the body, class and work, disability, the family, globalization, human rights, popular culture, race and racism, reproduction, science, the self, sex work, and sexuality. 

Does that about cover it? Do we all agree on one (!) definition of feminism? It's pretty comprehensive. But it doesn't sound very much like what we did in this class, so I would just like to say I took a lot more away from this class than I could've from a textbook. Thank you all, I learned a lot from you.

A post-performance note: Maybe we can agree on a definition of feminism, just not its application in the real world of particulars and contradictions?

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Found poetry

Institutions shape us more than we shape them;

Confront the disturbing implications of our historical reality.

Without preconceptions,

necessarily utopian,

self-consciously and unabashedly subjective,

the object of the critique.

the same anomaly.


Society tames the feminist.

That excuse shall not serve you, Madam.

Situated in the larger struggle against patriarchy,

suffering never ennobles, it only humiliates.

Woman must write her self,

gaining strength through the unconscious.


Duality is transcended,

yet I am invisible;

but I exist, we exist.

Biography is many-sided,

coherent, unified, morally inspiring.

Illusions are fabricated,

mythologizing ourselves or the past.


Against the grain of individualism,

relentless in their insistence,

they necessarily bear the mark of our time:

a mutable, more malleable species…

ambivalence from the clash of voices.

Woman always occurs simultaneously in several places.


I am an act of kneading, of uniting and joining…

defined by limiting criteria, without reciprocity.

Should that state of affairs continue?


Enough ink has been spilled quarrelling.

To fight has always been the man’s habit…

I have begun my own quiet war.

On the face of it, how easy, how simple;

but in the depths, how difficult, how complicated…


Here then is your own letter.

Repression is proliferating at a prodigious pace.

Ebullient, infinite woman,

let no one hold you back.

Write and proclaim this unique empire,

help prune the rose bushes,

reach an audience that transcends the academy,

reach her heart and mind.



I know I said I would write down where I got each line, but I simply have not had time to go back and do so yet. I got all of these lines from Woolf, Kauffman, Schweickart, Cixous, Anzaldua, De Beauvoir, and Cisneros. I tried to incorporate a variety of voices from different time periods and cultures in order to send one message; hopefully I accomplished that goal!

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Final presentation


by Ingrid Calderon & Rachel Meyer

You don't know you I am

and I don't know who you are.


We all come from different places,

different backgrounds,

and different worlds

yet here we are around the same table

supposedly talking about the same thing.




What's you definition?

What's mine? What difference does it make?

I'll tell you what it makes...


It makes me confused,

it makes me loud and silent,

it makes me lose my mind to know that

there is not one definition.


Look around this room--

how many people can you see?

how many do you hear?


Your feminism isn't my feminism

but we stand around the same issue,

and take pride in our own definition

like we ought to.


And I will stand up for your's, too.



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Thanks! and...

To all you critical feminists--
Thanks so much for your willingness to
work through the semester with us all.
Thanks especially for your final performances.
I found them very heartening.
You can now enjoy photos of them @
--as well as (password-protected) audio recordings @
Don't forget to post your scripts here!
Joyfully and gratefully,
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working on that real world