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Fieldnotes 3/7

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2 yr olds with Ms. A

Two pairs here: S and mom B, Sl and mom C

C, a 1st grader, who's mom works here, is helping out today

I've grown so incredibly comfortable with these kids and parents, esp. S and her mom B. Throughout the term, S has clearly been becoming more independent from her mother, often specifically asking her not to help and to sit not so close to her. She has, in many of these instances, felt more comfortable with me helping out, allowing me (a non-parent adult) to guide her in her learning. I have never felt this comfortable wiht one specific child (I've never been a baby-sitter). 

In this setting, where a teacher can develop a relationship with a student over time, I find myself shying away from thinks like museum education. While I love being able to reach so many visitors in that way, I then often lose the chance to become close to a child, to observe and guide them more personally through their artistic/creative education. Things like this make me want to be a schol teacher, where I have the opportunity to see students regularly and develop relationships with them.

S was particularly close with me today. At the end of our class, mom B even asked me if I babysit and if I would be available to babysit for S! I was so flattered and happy to have made such a good impression on both the mother and child.