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Testing link-making

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Why am I not able to create links? The anchor appears in the text as I am writing it, but the active link disappears when I preview my text...I read the "URL path settings" info but am still clueless

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testing again, to be sure that one can do so without logging in/registering...

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Yes, anonymous postings allowed but moderated

You may post anonymously but you won't see your comments until the moderator approves them. We have had to adopt that policy to deal with a high volume of icky spam. Sorry for the delay.

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Making links

If you are using the editor that looks like Word (icons above what you're typing for bold, italic, etc), otherwise known as "rich-text" enabled:

1) Type what you want your link to say, eg Serendip Home Page

2) Drag your cursor to select it

3) Click on the icon that looks like a link on a chain

4) Enter the URL in the space provided in the new window

5) Click the Insert button

e.g. Serendip Home Page