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Bumpy Pavement Series

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plain version

Begin Again


He loves me a little, a lot, passionately, madly, not

A la follie, pas du tout.


Iowa diary

Wild oxeye daisy


Semiotics is the doctrine of signs.

Semiosis is a love triangle: poet, man, poem.


My poems equal my memory.

Emotion minus what is memory?


I can not separate my writing from the man,

Now more character than man.


Dare: three-word haiku/ assignment: write the wildest/ poem: I love you



Sponge series to Postscript series to Bumpy Pavement series,

Present tense to past tense to future tense.


Memories become memes;

Fragments will regenerate from the rhizome.


Love, like evolution, is a rhizome-

Rhymes rose come home. 





If macerated in vinegar, unripe berries will serve as caper

Berries, because happiness is a lox and bagel platter.


Leucanthemum vulgare

You can theme on vinegar!


Two cantos times one vignette…

One question mark three exclamation points


I mailed my application of love poems to the program,

Our caper


Or my love letter to the program

I received a postcard stating “application received at Iowa.”


Iowa guy;

Who loves me a little, a lot, passionately, madly, not.

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Take Naked 2

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first draft