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Sample Fieldnotes

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Here is an exerpt from my fieldnotes when I recently shadowed a reading specialist at a local private school.(Becuase of formatting issues, my post makes alot more sense when the full version is viewed rather than the preview version-sorry!)


Then, stretched out word corresponds with picture. Point to pictures with words underneath.


G speaks one of the words for the first time!! (his scaffolded work has been paying off)


Reads the book, “I need an eraser.” Repetition. Vocab words. Social skills.


“Find the word ‘need’, ‘made’”


Computer time: learns how to find his book online and print it out.


Accompanying scaffolded worksheets- draw a picture, rewrite vocab words, write sentences. 


Technology: a teacher computer with a monitor and mouse, and a student monitor that is touch screen and keyboard.


S in for individual time. Date, month, and day. S guesses the wrong day and month ( but he knows the right answers)


Reads directions outloud, turns to page.

Important that he has good posture, working at desk. (social skills?)

Questions- whats the title of this story, what do quotation marks do? Differentiating him/her/he/she









The book teaches how to ask nicely for something that you need.


G can point out words that he knows.


More social skills




I had expected to see even more advanced technology, but have only seen the ipad, devices that say words or phrases for students, and this computer with a touch screen.






I wonder why he is guessing wrong. He knows the right answer after about 3 tries, and Mrs. K knows that he knows the right answer.


Learning to follow directions.




This must relate to social skills. Also focus- he will know the task at hand if he is sitting a certain way.