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Field Notes 2 (2/20/13)

Attached are my field notes from my second visit. 

Guided Individual Reflection

What happened? During her individual reading time, E was reading nicely with her teacher. When Mrs. K stood up to pick something up off of her desk- not 2 feet away- E stood up and tried to flip her table in record time. The books and papers went flying. Mrs. K ignored the disruption and continued teaching, while I picked up the papers. E did not appear angry or to show any emotion.

Why did it happen? E took advantage of the time that her teacher wasn't looking to act out. It was not that she was angry or upset, but might have been feeling angsty or pent up. I have seen E, a child with moderate autism, act out before because she likes the stimulation. 

What might it mean? It could mean that E needed some time to take a break from working on her reading, or needs to learn better coping skills for behavior (which she is working on at school).

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Field notes 1 (2/18/13)

Attached are my field notes from my first visit this semester. Because I got off to a late start, I've gone twice this week. 

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Sample Fieldnotes

Here is an exerpt from my fieldnotes when I recently shadowed a reading specialist at a local private school.(Becuase of formatting issues, my post makes alot more sense when the full version is viewed rather than the preview version-sorry!)


Then, stretched out word corresponds with picture. Point to pictures with words underneath.


G speaks one of the words for the first time!! (his scaffolded work has been paying off)


Reads the book, “I need an eraser.” Repetition. Vocab words. Social skills.


“Find the word ‘need’, ‘made’”


Computer time: learns how to find his book online and print it out.


Accompanying scaffolded worksheets- draw a picture, rewrite vocab words, write sentences. 


Technology: a teacher computer with a monitor and mouse, and a student monitor that is touch screen and keyboard.


S in for individual time. Date, month, and day. S guesses the wrong day and month ( but he knows the right answers)


Reads directions outloud, turns to page.

Important that he has good posture, working at desk. (social skills?)

Questions- whats the title of this story, what do quotation marks do? Differentiating him/her/he/she









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