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Field notes #2

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In word.

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returning to a site


I really get a strong sense from this field entry that you're returning to this site and bringing a strong familiarity, which I'm guessing even the students who haven't met you before are picking up on.  It sounds like there's both the fact that you've been here before and the fact that you share linguistic and, I'm guessing, some cultural background with at least some of the students; taken together, these seem to contribute to a mutually receptive, welcoming entry.  And actually, it sounds like the teacher is contributing significantly to all this.

As fieldnotes, these notes provide enough specificity and detail to convey the welcome I talk about above, and your visual map also helps me as a reader to feel grounded in your context.  For your next set of notes, you might try honing in on a few people and an interaction, maybe something about teaching reading since this may be somewhat different for you; a richly detailed description will help you and your readers see more deeply into what's going on there, especially as you record your observations and responses over time.