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bad apples

How is the notion of some students as "bad apples" (from chapter 6 of Whatever It Takes) resonant -- or not -- in your field setting?  Who gets categorized in this way, and by whom? what are the "criteria" for this kind of label, or to put it another way, what are students labeled this way like?  how they treated? If this "bad apples" idea is NOT relevant to your setting, consider why not -- and what that might suggest about what's happening there.  Finally, you could consider these questions on a specific, classroom- or school-based level or more systemically, depending on your site.

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Classroom Management and discipline


Field Post #6

Notes for Feb. Friday 15th, 2013:


Today the students and the teachers where recovering from the previous testing. They ended up working on a worksheet for fun and then went on to watch a movie that had to do with the stories they had just read for Black history month…



Field Post #7

Notes for Feb. Thursday 21th, 2013:


Today was more of a relaxed day. They played a fact or opinion game with the smart board. They did reading with their teacher on their text books. They did a worksheet that went with their textbook. They then worked on another worksheet that they have to complete at home that is due tomorrow(Friday). From my previous experience I ended up asking the teacher about if she allowed her students to speak Spanish or English only. She responded that for those who didn’t know an English they can speak Spanish but for those who know some English they can only speak English.



Field Post #8

Notes for Feb. Friday 22nd, 2013:


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Field Notes compiled

Christine Calderon


Field Post #4

Notes for first visit Feb. Friday 8th, 2013:


Today I walked in and the special education teacher was talking about tea with Ms. Teller. The students where lined up against the wall again waiting to get the signal to come into the classroom and start their morning routine. After this I walked around to see if anyone needed help with their math problem. There was a student from the ELL class I was in last year that was awarded a prize for reading a certain amount of books. The teacher then announced other students that could go downstairs to enjoy the reading event. There where 4 or 5 students that stayed behind. The teacher then told the students that even if they at least one they would’ve been able to go and have fun.  Some of the students began to trickle in. I was assigned with three other students who were working on their vocabulary and spelling words.  These three students where still in the process of learning English they had their own cards and vocabulary words to study. These three students are as follows:

Miguel- Knows some English is really excited about learning English. When asked about who helps him study he mentioned his uncle who worked in a restaurant.

Ali- doesn’t know any English and cannot read in English but can read and write in Spanish

Joe- knows some English and is a bit more advanced than Miguel. When asked about who helps him out he mentioned his father and his brother help him and they know some English from

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Field Notes #3 Reading circle

Christine Calderon


Field Post #3

Notes for first visit Feb. Thursday 7th, 2013:


I came in with the students lined up against the wall outside of their classroom. It was nice to get friendly hellos from the students who seemed to like my presence there. When we settled down we went over the same routine as last Friday. They had Morning routine, which was to take out homework if they had any and to take out their math word problems and start working on them. While working on their problems the morning announcements came on and they stood up for the Pledge of Allegiance and they did fluoride. After their morning routine they go into reading and after reading they go into writing- these are the two classes I will be apart of on Thursdays and Fridays. Today for writing they where going to go onto the “rug” and sit around and read. They were finishing up their story of the week that had to do with inventions and inventors. When sitting in the circle it was curious that the students sat on the floor cross-legged and one of the students pulled up a chair automatically for the teacher. I found it interesting that the teacher had to sit on a chair while the students sat on the floor and looked up. Having just had read Freire this simple action spoke to me.  I too pulled up chair since it seemed like the “right” thing to do. It felt odd to me but the students and teacher didn’t seem to react too much to this action.

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Field notes #2

In word.

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First Field Post

Christine Calderon


Field Post #1

Notes for first visit Friday 25th, 2013:

I was planning on just having a meeting with Ms. Teller but found myself being introduced to the principal along with the 4th grade students I will be working with. The first day at the Madison Elementary[1] was a bit impromptu but the students where very welcoming. I should say that I have been to this placement before my sophomore year for special education in a pull out classroom as well as last semester in an ELL classroom. I enjoyed both times at this elementary school although I was placed here twice I still have yet to be in a regular classroom. I am excited to continue in the same school especially since there are students in this current classroom that where also in special education and ELL this has now given me a better standing point. A lot of the students recognize me as they were filling in the classroom.

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