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Classroom Management and discipline

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Field Post #6

Notes for Feb. Friday 15th, 2013:


Today the students and the teachers where recovering from the previous testing. They ended up working on a worksheet for fun and then went on to watch a movie that had to do with the stories they had just read for Black history month…



Field Post #7

Notes for Feb. Thursday 21th, 2013:


Today was more of a relaxed day. They played a fact or opinion game with the smart board. They did reading with their teacher on their text books. They did a worksheet that went with their textbook. They then worked on another worksheet that they have to complete at home that is due tomorrow(Friday). From my previous experience I ended up asking the teacher about if she allowed her students to speak Spanish or English only. She responded that for those who didn’t know an English they can speak Spanish but for those who know some English they can only speak English.



Field Post #8

Notes for Feb. Friday 22nd, 2013:


Today they did their morning routine as always. They then finished up a math word problem that was read out loud to them. They then began their social studies. The teacher mentioned to me that they are then able to focus more on their social studies since tey are done with testing for the time being. She also let me know that they end up doing more creative and fun things after their school wide testing. The special education teacher came in to work with them on social studies. He set out 5 books that all had to do with the civil rights movement. He had the students sit on the floor in the back of the classroom.  He began to explain to them about segregation and had the students respond on what segregation was and what this added into their timeline. He explained how history was a long story. He then read Abraham Martin Luther King’s big words, the students responded well to it. They then were able to listen to his speech on the dvd player.

I was surprised at how well the students where behaved when sitting on the carpet. I am used to the teacher spending a lot of time on trying to settle their students down but these students where very intent on learning. Although some lost interest at times the teacher made sure he asked questions while he read the book and this reeled the students back in. I was able to see how the special education teacher teaches the students.



Field Post #9

Notes for Feb. 26th , 2013


Today I came in to see the students a bit surprised that I came in today. Usually I come in on Thursdays. It went so far as that two students asked me whether today was Tuesday or Thursday. Any who, Today after their vocab review on the smart board I was able to get my reading group. Today we read a book on three wishes. I asked them when they first got there to look at the cover and give me their predictions on what the book may be about. We read it by taking turns around the table and I stopped and asked them questions relevant to the material. The book contained the vocabulary words they were just reviewing so I pointed that out once and they did a good job on picking it up. As we read they may have interrupted the reader because they got excited that they found the word but still they found the words. When they would find the word I would have them define it. After reading the book we I asked some questions that had them think more critically about the book. After doing this activity I wanted to see how I could improve I am curious to see how I could better manage the group I am not sure on how to “discipline the students when I am a visitor. I also do not really know how to discipline students a non-mean way. Can I discipline them in a nice way?