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On Adaptation

 The film is quite bizarre. There is Susan Orlean's story in the book and then there is Charlie's story of how he is trying to incorporate her written work into the screenplay. On top of that, there is Susan's story that extends beyond her book. Adaptation is similar to the other literary works that we have read in class because of the multiple layers in the story. In Generosity, there are the characters and the storyline and beyond that, the ever present narrator reminding the reader of his/her role in constructing and deconstructing the story. In the Plague, the readers are told of a narrator who lies within the story and plot but whose identity is unknown. Similarly, in Adaptation, there are many individual stories mushed together to into one, creating a whole new level of complexity for the reader to digest. Overall, I prefer making my mind "work" a little because the more effort I invest into understanding the piece of work, the more interesting and satisfying it becomes. I enjoyed the movie and believe it connects well with our previous literary works. 


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