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Evolving of Devolving?

 This is really interesting to me. Just this week I noticed how many mundane details my friend posts on Facebook about her life, and how many of her "friends" comment on her statuses, pictures, etc. This idea of seeking meaning, or value, in social networking sites is becoming an epidemic of sorts, and I wonder whether this has always been there (probably) but just now has been transferred to the blogosphere. Have we as humans always had this desire/necessity to extract compliments, interest, etc. from our friends, but before it was in physical social settings? Or is the internet acting as a sort of catalyst in promoting/valuing this sort of openness and vulnerability? I have to say that I'll be pretty freaked out if this is the way that our social interactions are evolving (or devolving in my opinion)- putting every possible personal detail out in the open for others to judge, condemn, or "like."   


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