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Flat, toneless

 Avoiding stress and change may provide a more consistent life, but isn't consistency what humans are always pushing against? Sure there are people who are content going about their daily lives in the same way each and every day (or at least people who resign themselves to such a cycle), but the majority of us go out of our way, out of our means to experience things outside of our personal "norms." We travel, we skydive, we change jobs, we move, we discover, we rise up among the ranks of our kind. To link this back to Generosity, I think that the only way that humanity could survive without the plague would be if we were emotionless. Emotions are our inner connection with our environment, and to me they have a direct relationship: if one were to become flat, the other would fall in kind. Its true that humans do often create our own problems, but I think even that would be impossible without the natural plague that is the stressor for change, for growth, for pain, for joy. 


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