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When I read the post and

When I read the post and elly's comment, I thought of self-actualization in Maslow's Hierarchy of needs. Self-actualization is the feeling of self-fulfillment and the feeling at one has reaches his or her full potential (in life). Many people strive to get there, but only a handful, maybe not even any, achieve self-actualization. This doesn't mean that we aren't content with where we are in life. It's more like a concept that drives us to be better individuals. So I guess this can parallel to the idea and concept of happiness. I don't know anyone who knows what being "truly" happy is. It's like, how do I know what my "full potential" is when I don't know what I am capable of (relating to self-actualization). I believe that we use the concept of "true" happiness to motivate us to do things we love and to "look for more" as elly stated. 


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