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while saying that people can

while saying that people can decide how they look at a situation is easy, i dont think that all people can. for example, a child who is raised in a violent or otherwise abusive environment, might never learn that he has a choice to an opinion. if his opinion has been disregarded from when he was extremely young, he may never understand that his view matters, that he can speak up or that he has a say in what does and does not happen in his life. a kid like this, while technically still retaining the ability to choose has never had the option to do so - can we say that he has a choice in his happiness? maybe once he is older and has interacted with people a sufficient amount to help him gain a better understanding, maybe then he has a choice - but it isnt easy to go against your hardwiring and re teach yourself not only how to behave but how to react, even how to think.

i agree with KT - CBT is one way to learn to tools to find stability, but there is a sense of agency that leads to that that choice. and not everyone is allowed that sense of agency.

does this apply to the happiness pill as well? can it? do people need a sense of agency in order to decide to take it? will they loose their sense of agency when they do? because once taken, presumably, happiness, for as long as the pill is effective is no longer a choice. we cannot tune in and out with it. we are stuck with it. and being stuck with something, even if it is a sense of happiness does not sound comfortable.



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