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 I would definitely agree

 I would definitely agree with your point about the graphic novel.  Even if the stories are relatively the same, ones, as Powers might say, we all already know, the way in which they are presented allows the old story to be reborn.  The author can literally illustrate their point.  I, too, have recently become more interested in graphic novels.  While I highly respect an author's ability to create a picture with words, I also appreciate what graphic novels allow authors to do.  We get a clearer picture of what the author had in mind, and in many ways, it allows a greater level of expression.  Maybe stories do have limitations, maybe there are only 24 basic plots, but they can be told in, if not an infinite number of ways, certainly quite a few.  People will always be pushing boundaries as to how a story is defined.  I certainly have a deep respect for people who can create such a clear picture from their words, but I also appreciate how the graphic novel allows for deeper insight into the author's vision of the novel.  It also allows the reader to focus on different parts of the story that they may not have in a standard novel, which in a way, reinvents the story.



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