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appreciation, but doubt-filled

 While I do not agree with Dennett's idea of a library filled with every single possibility that will ever exist, I feel that his perspective on it did enhance my own view and thoughts on the subject. Without his idea of the Library of Babel I wouldn't have realized that I am uncomfortable with my limits and the limits of the universe being bounded. Yes Dennett allows for randomness and perhaps even self-determination by not advocating paths through the library already paved (oscillations and asymptotes in the graphs of our lives, perhaps, where the mysterious and unplottable takes place), but it is those bounds that trouble me, that the axis of our lives has been drawn for us and we simply have to plot our own function there. I surely wouldn't want to dismiss Dennett or his theories, but I do find myself pushing him and parts of his story away in favor of hope that there really is something out there, be it great or small, that is unfathomable as of yet to even the universe. 


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