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Not Crippling or Destructive, but Freeing

Too be honest, I think you are looking at this idea the wrong way. This idea is not supposed to be crippling, to me at least, it should be freeing, or simply just a fact. If we say, yes everything already exists in this Library of Babel, it does not mean that creativity is now out of the picture. The creative aspect of anything is the process of creating it. So to create something that "already exists" is does not take away from your creativity. No one knows everything that exists in the Library. Did people know of pasta before it was invented? No. Does that take away from the creativity and ingenuity that went into creating it? No. So why is that a problem? Thinking that everything already exists does not bother me. It just means that when someone creates something, we have simply discovered something we did not personally know. This idea to me is freeing, it takes away the pressure and the jealousy and envy that often comes with creativity. It enforces the process of creation and ingenuity rather than the final product. I think this is more important.


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