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Known vs. Unknown

 I think that this is an interesting way of looking at the two, and that this view can they be used for most things in life.  It shows, for instance, just how many things the idea of evolution can be applied to.  It's a way of dividing the world into a known (creationism) and an unknown (evolution).  It also, I think, brings up the question of whether or not the two ideas are really even comparable.  As I'm sitting here now, however, I can think of many examples along the lines of the "family truckster", but can't come up with examples of the creationism.  This then takes me back to really questioning the idea of creationism, because the idea that everything is how it is for a specific reason just doesn't work in my mind.  You could say, well education (for some) is a "creationist" example, because if someone wants to be a doctor they go to college then to medical school then into residency, but it isn't that simple, because they may decide half way through that they don't want to be a doctor, or that they want to take time off, so even here there is not a set plan.  And in the Valentine's Day dinner example, what happens if there is a snow storm, or a flat tire, or any other bump in the road?  It seems to me that the idea of creationism should be a valid one, but every way I look at it, it keeps coming in as inferior to evolution. 


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