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Final Project Reflection: The “Reality” of one Student’s Experience in a Non-Fictional Prose Class

 I went through several stages of brainstorming for my final project. I ended up settling on a poster collage incorporating my ideas, some borrowed from other places (books we’ve read, things people have posted, essayed, said, etc.) This slightly incongruent poster seemed to be the best way to represent what I have absorbed in this course. I felt as though many of the ideas in the conversations we’ve had in class have been spread out in so many different directions that it was hard to find a way to connect them all. But then I thought, why do I have to find a way to connect them? If this class has taught me one thing it’s to think outside the sock drawer. Many of my class notes don’t have any logical connections anyway.

The background of my poster board had clouds on it, which was appropriate for many reasons. For one thing, the poster was a way for me to land my personal plane, which was my experience in this class.




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