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Learning to Feel; Using feeling to learn

The idea of bringing emotions into learning is an interesting one.  It seems quite natural that cultivating an emotional interest in material is helpful and learning about the cognitive unconscious' ability to retain information in conjunction with the neocortex affirms this view.  If someone is teaching a subject they are probably interested in it (especially at higher levels of education), and if you are very interested in something then presumably you have some emotional feeling towards the subject.  For this reason, it may be helpful to open the door to teachers bringing emotions into the classroom and see what comes of it; there would probably be a snowball effect that would culminate in the teachers progressively bringing more of their feeling for the subject into the classroom until equilibrium is found.  This would be a good step towards having students be more engaged (i.e. if teachers are more engaged students would probably be as well).  It is not an end in itself, but seems like a step in the right direction.  


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