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We always see things through

We always see things through some kind of schema of the world for convenience and efficiency. It is not always bad to form a stereotype of the things and people you want to know about. Frankly, I find it incredibly useful to be able to judge the kinds of person that I should avoid either because they might be dangerous or unwelcoming. But one should be rightly concerned that convenience and efficiency are not good reasons to stereotype people unjustly, as it happens very often in educational settings as it does in society in general. Noble as the concern is, it doesn't make sense to demand rigorous mental attention in every possible stereotype. It would simply be too taxing mentally to fully examine every thought and action to make sure that they do not stereotype unjustly. In fact I think we can stereotype justly, not only in the sense of making sure that we are getting things right but also in the sense of providing a "positive" stereotype. 









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