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Oh, it's time to look back?

I remembered that one day in the mid of this semester, I thought I should change my profile pic to have a new look. Well, I forgot about it, or the time fled so fast. But when the time fled, we also chased it, with our full interest, spinning head as well as willingness to find out the next turtle in a infinite series. I am really glad that we have enjoyed this intriguing seminar. Last Sunday, when four of us were discussing the performance in Haffner, I saw the very lovely change on ourselves, that we were talking about great questions, deeper and deeper, broader and broader. 

There are always too many questions to answer. I interprete it in a very encouraging way. Yes we can't solve every mystery, which makes us sick, but we have explored so much. And with all these questions, we can probably find our way through the career development, and we will  find the undiminished light of our lives too. I have asked myself many deep questions before, but sometimes I just gave up, or left it on certain level without any interest to dig deeper. Now they become eternal for me. How great that is.

The inter-disciplinary dimension of this seminar is really fascinating. This is a fairly success start of divergent thinking in college life. And that will never be an ending.:D Thanks, Anne, Paul, and everyone in this classroom for having such a nice journey together.


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