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In truth, in the beginning of

In truth, in the beginning of the semester I had no confidence that I could ever be convinced that "stories is all we are".  We had gone through stories of the universe, biological, cultural, and individual evolution, and here we are ending at the brain and the stories the brain constructs. The brain that we used all semester to understand these concepts of reality, logic, morality, and truth. The brain that now constructs the story of this class. Now, I'm more than open to accept that all we are, are stories.  Listening to everyone's different views and interpretations of various topics has really helped me to grow and understand the right questions to ask.

As for writing, I actually feel like I made some progress. Being given such vague prompts, I thought I would never be able to learn how to write a well structured essay. However, the vagueness of the prompts is what helped me to learn how to organize my thoughts and come up with well thought out themes.


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