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The End in the Beginning

So yes I know the title is really cliche but deal with it :)

It's hard to believe that our first semester as Freshmen in college is almost over. Kinda of scary actually. While I am looking forward to not writing three page papers every week I am going to miss ESem. Mainly all of you girls.

I remember the first week of school, talking to people, and everyone asking, "What ESem are you in?". And for that first week I remember replying "Uhh something about the universe and me in a really long title". 

Then in the second week when people asked I finally remembered the name and would say, "Making Sense of Ourselves in an Evolving Universe". And then from the questioner...silence. When they opened their mouth in response it was always the same thing, "Wow. That sounds awful"....... Thanks for the vote of confidence all you Debbie Downers.

ESem was interesting in that I felt like I was very resistant to the idea of viewing everything as a story and in changing my writing style. Topics were so broad that I always felt lost and instead of making sense of myself, I was getting more confused. Weeks went by and class discussions became easier, everyone began opening up, and now I started seeing clairty in some topics (not to say that it happened often. Every topic confused me at some point). My writing I feel progressed (with lots of unwanted but necessary pushing by Anna...thanks), and I now feel that my voice can be heard in an essay.

In class we have taken one word and applied it to many aspects of our lives. While at time confused, frustrated, and stressed we always survived. I was really skeptic about ESem at first, but now that I have taken it I feel like it has helped me to become a better student, and not just any student but a Bryn Mawr student.  


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