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so much perfection in so little words

I was thinking about education during last Tuesday’s discussion. The more I got to know how consciousness and unconsciousness work, the more I fell that unconsciousness is more powerful and is dominate to our brain. I remember a famous educator once said, what you get from education is the ability you have after forgetting all the staff you learnt from school. Does this mean it is our unconsciousness part of the brain that needs to be educated and empowered? If the answer is yes; if we can train our unconsciousness to be incredibly strong, again, why do we still need consciousness?

As for the Thursdays discussion, I fell the topic was sensitive but realistic. Because even though it is embarrassed to deal with, it does happen in the world that we live in. As I said in the class, I’ve never been in a conversation like this in China. I was amazed by myself when I first think incest was OK as far as they both feel comfortable with it. Why do we have to constrain ourselves and refuse to follow our heart? After carefully thinking about why are Chinese people against sex before marriage, it dawned on me that it is because we are human, with strong moral and complicated culture which other creatures don’t have that that, we cannot do whatever we want.


Back to the topic of esem as a whole. I really have to say that I  experienced an incredible grief after walking out of Paul’s office last week. Realizing that from me on everyone in my esem class will have her last individual meeting, I couldn’t believe the class is almost over. I am not used to always studying with different teachers and classmates (in China, teachers assigned to us will uasually not be changed within 3 or 4 years). Now, I fell that I will be pulled out of my comfort zone, leaving people whom I’ve just got familiar and fall in love with, and continue exploring. It’s hard to say if it is bad or not. It’s just too sad to me. I’ve experienced so many “goodbyes” this year. Goodbye to my high school, goodbye to my family, friends and my hometown… and now, it’s the time to say goodbye again.


I can still remember the time I chose my esem classes. As a first year student with no specific area of interest, I wanted to take a class that covers a broad range of things. I’m glad I got into this esem, which does not only benefit and inspire me in academic, but also infect me by its active atmosphere and diverse community. It’s always hard to cover something broad in a short period of time, but our class does in an organized way. From universe to biology, from culture to individual, we explored the world in different scales. We found that each evolvement does not appear separately, but forms a large loop as a whole, interacting with each other. Each has distinguished features that contribute to the evolvement of the universe, but they also share something in common: “The ultimate existing truth in the world is changing” “We can always know more but we can never know everything”… What makes this class more interesting is that instead of just studying the external world, we are also part of the story. We have our culture which just formed as the class going on. Our special gestures, our name game, our active debate, our diverse perspectives from students from various backgrounds, our reaction and conflict to Ann’s class… all of these make the class such a wonderful experience. I really enjoy the co-evolution process to study and to explore about the world.

Finally, thanks everyone. I Love you guys:)


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