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It is almost the end of the semester. We have explored the origin of the universe based on both various nonscientific creation myths in different cultural backgrounds and scientific theories in different periods. We have interpreted the natural evolution and cultural evolution. We have read individual biography and discussed bipartite brain’s stories. During all the process, we could always find new questions after we ended one. We found everything around us is full of mysteries when we consciously try to totally understand its evolving process. Just like we can only see the peak of an ice burg, the inside part is more amazing and intriguing. Don’t feel overwhelming. Turtles all the way down.

Everybody will smile from face and from heart when she hears “Turtles all the way down.” This is another thing we gain from exploring the evolving universe. When we try to figure out how universe, natural evolution and certain culture evolve, we gradually found our own culture, in which others feel hard to take part in. We share common experience and even “defense” this.

Even though the class is going to end, evolvement will never stop and our culture will never vanish. It is an endless journey of cognition and self-identity.



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