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This goodbye...

Well, I can't really say goodbye yet. I still have Thursday for that. But I will be sad when this class ends. I've heard many of my friends complain about their ESEMs and how boring/uninteresting they think their particular ESEM is. My reactions to this class are the complete opposite. I have only complained a few times about this course and that was mostly at the beginning of the course when I didn't like being given abstract essay prompts or when I was trying to figure out how to learn a new writing style that was different from the typical essay style we were all so attached to in high school. Coming into this course I was really excited because it is a discussion based course. I love having discussions in class and I thought I was going to be one of those people who talked a lot. However, this class proved me wrong. I found myself staying quiet in class more often because I was just sitting there thinking and considering others opinions and ideas. I'm actually happy that I got this class section rather than Paul's (no offense Paul) because the relaxed nature of our class section helped me learn how to better organize my thoughts and speech. As for my essays. I am incredibly thankful to have Anne with us who helped me and my essays a long the way. Because of her my writing has grown and matured. Don't get me wrong though, even though my writing has come so far in these past 14 weeks, it still has a long way to go.

Now to go back to Thomas King's book. Well, I wasn't able to look through the book because I left it at home the last time I visited my parents. I think it's a book my mom will really like, hence why it's still in Virginia. But the thing that surprised me about this course was how often we referred to "turtles all the way down." In the beginning of the semester I never would have guessed how important that quote was going to be to all of us!


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