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Musings on Nature

Taylor Milne's picture

I have always been a straightforward and to the point kind of person, so I felt that using my full name as my username was appropriate. Besides this straightforward nature, I also believe that pictures, and that the images that people choose are able to give an insight into who that person is, and what resonates with them as a person. I had the privilege of growing up in Santa Cruz, California, which I believe to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is known for its beautiful beaches, hippies, and being one of the top spots on the California coast for surfing. All of these aspects of Santa Cruz are true, and I appreciate all of them, but the part of Santa Cruz that resonates with me most are the thousands of magnanimous Redwood trees that tower hundreds of feet above you. Their history and size have always given me a sense of serenity and comfort, and one of my favorite past-times laying down in the giant forests and looking up through their leaves and branches to the sun and sky. This photo taken through the trees gives me a sense of peace, and reminds me where I'm from and the beauty it holds.  I am so excited for this new journey at Bryn Mawr, but Santa Cruz will always be my first home.