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active learning

 I think it would be easy to apply this quote to both types of teaching that we saw last week in class. Both traditional teaching strategies and power teaching strategies rely more on memorization than interaction and active learning. I think that power teaching is really just traditional teaching repackaged. The interaction that the students have with the martial is just as superficial as the interaction that is created in traditional teaching, the only difference is that the students appear to be active in the learning process. I like this quote because it really defines what active learning and teaching is. Active learning doesnt mean that the students are simply opening their mouths and talking, it goes beyond that. Active learning involves a level of thought that both traditional and power teaching lack. When the quote says "they must make what they learn part of themselves" I think it is essentially getting at the idea of identity. Students bring their own identity to the classroom, but at the same time, the classroom shapes their identity which means that students' identities should be fluid rather than fixed. Traditional and power teaching both rely on the idea of a fixed identity and it is easy to attack them because of that but at the same time, it seems like truly active teaching that allows for the exploration of identity is very hard to create and find. 


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