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I am kind of lost and feel powerless during our several discussions. However, I have to say that I am really inspires by all the wired questions I probably won’t spend any time wondering usually. I always believe to be a good learner. It’s about making progress every day and pushing the edges constantly along the way of pursuing knowledge.

Firstly, to Kirsten’s depression problem, I think it’s a really interesting way of her question. How can you get out of your mind? It’s constantly there with you all the time and maybe controls you somehow. Will it be possible to escape from out conscious or unconscious state of nightmare or depression? I personally never had this kind of experience. In fact, I don’t think I have never been stayed in a certain emotional state long enough to categorize as any psychological symptoms. I tend to forget the unhappy part of my life over time. Whenever I fell unhappy (It never gets serious enough to be called depressed.) Without actual experience, I can only guess about the process fight with depression. I think, if the depression is constantly accompanied with the emotion. Maybe, the person can try to separate the depressed emotion from the normal think. To consider the depression as a thing always there maybe will help them have attention to do other things.

Secondly, about the disturbing story, Tiannan and I are the only people in our class think it’s doesn’t matter for the scenario to exist. For me, there is not consequences resulted in their reaction and they didn’t regret doing that. Maybe they have freedom to choose what they decide to do as long as they take the responsibilities of that particular behavior. It’s they were willing to that with their own will; they thought about the consequences and take actions to prevent the bad ones from happening; they carried the outcome of that behaviors. In fact, there are no side effects on others who didn’t make decision let the event happen. I consider it as their own business and thud didn’t oppose to it. On the hand, if I took the others’ reaction into account, my reaction maybe has to do with my personal background. I don’t have a brother and I don’t has the instinct to related this story with myself. Unable to fit myself in this story make explain my indifference to this incident. Therefore, I can’t associate the potential consequences with any people I care and I don’t have the sympathy in this setting.


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