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I Lack the Ability to Understand Instructions

I have found this resource quite interesting for looking at the brain. At the bottom right-hand corner you can change it from 'beginner', 'intermediate', to 'advanced', which changes how in-depth and technical the descriptions and explanations are. You can also change the settings in the top right-hand corner from 'social', 'psychological', 'neurological', 'cellular', to 'molecular' to look at different tiers of organization and explanation. Much of what we have touched on in class is discussed and other things I think some of us were curious about are also covered. I find this site wonderfully exciting, and I think it could help add a little more neuroscience to our conversations. That brings up the question of just how much neuroscience do we want? How much do we feel like it can comfortably explain, and how much does philosophy have to fill in? Does it have to fill in? Is philosophy a viable option for reasoning these things out? What other choices do we have? How concrete do we think any of this is? Turtles all the way down? <-- I'm sorry, but I don't think I'll ever stop saying that.


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