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Relating to the Surroundings

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Hello everyone!  I am Yaxuan (Barbara). I love exploring the new, going outdoors and getting close to the nature. Because of my crazy schedule during the shopping week, I was not able to visit the five sites in a row. I went to each place during different time of the day; therefore, the variables (time, weather, temperature, crowds, etc.) might have influenced my experience and thus the reflection. My favorite location is the glass staircase in Dalton Hall. It was in the morning, quiet and refreshing.  The scene was great and I could observe from different angles by going up and downstairs. I felt protected by the glass architecture still had the connection to outside surroundings. My second favorites go to English House and Morris Woods as a tie. I went there 2:30 pm. It just rained. The woods were very lively. Plants in the woods seem to have been lived for hundreds of years because they are all huge; obviously the woods would be the most ideal location for plants. However, I predict that if I were in the woods alone during night, that would be very scary and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy. My fourth favorite is the lab in Park Science; actually I was taking a Bio class there and I enjoyed it. However, the space was packed and I felt overwhelmed by it. My least favorite space was the Campus Center Parking Lot. It wasn’t lively or pleasant. The area was hotter than other places. My guess for plants’ favorite as from best to worst is as below: Morris woods, English House, Dalton Hall, Park Science and the parking lot. The reason is that I assume plants prefer an undisturbed, isolated from human/industrial activity environment. Human-beings are comfortable when surrounded by pleasant elements (in my case, for example, nice view and elegant architecture), and plants love the places that are most suitable to grow and survive. The similar factors that make both human and plants happy are the presence of companions and space for individuals.