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I blame the tryptophan, or whatever that chemical in turkey that supposedly puts you to sleep is. I think it's tryptophan... anyways, I fell asleep after Thanksgiving dinner, missing out on quality family time with cousins I don't often get to see. While disappointing, what "unconscious brain" connotations does this have? Tryptophan is a chemical found in turkey. How can a chemical make me pass out and lay like a lump without my consent? It was a time I'd normally be awake, afternoon, and I hadn't been doing anything strenuous. I was with entertaining people, being mentally stimulated, full of available energy from all the food I'd just ingested... what gives? This whole concept just came to me suddenly as I thought of the paper I'll have to have done for Friday. Maybe something on chemical interactions with the brain, and how medications (or delicious poultry) can make you do things you weren't consciously planning on doing. it's a really interesting (and almost terrifying) concept. That's almost a way your brain tells stories, isn't it? It just depends on how you define a story. I've noticed that a lot of things in this class come down to that - how you define the story, what you define as culture, how you define the system of individual evolution...


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