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 One of my favourite sayings (especially since beginning this course) is, "Experience teaches us everything we need to know, immediately after we needed to know it." Part of what this concept of brain construction seems to indicate is that decision-making, as based in both our unconscious and conscious brains, and that our sense of having made the "right" or "wrong" decision stems from the new information we glean from each experience. In other words, we always make the "right" decision, because it seems the most correct to us at that time. The "rightness" or "wrongness" of any decision is therefore post-determined by our own individual preference sets, as well as the accuracy (or lack thereof) of our predictions. (It all comes back to predictions and our future-oriented unconscious!) The external factors of which you speak are often those things which we are least able to predict. A "random" component, if you will.


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