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Giving Thanks

 I've been thinking a lot lately about stimuli and interpretation, especially regarding emotional feelings. I can't recall having spoken about this as of yet (at least in Paul's class), but I can only imagine that the unconscious is also the interpreter of human interactions, and therefore also co-responsible (with the conscious) for our feelings towards others. This helps to explain what we were speaking of on Tuesday regarding learning being most effective at the unconscious level; presumably if there is some sort of strong emotion attached to, or associated with that which is being learned, we are more likely to remember it, because the emotional association was made at the unconscious level. I was speaking with a friend of mine who is a psychiatrist, and she was telling me that certain patients of hers don't learn friendship. For example, they might go out and have a good time with a bunch of people, but the next day not associate the good feeling with those people. I am so grateful that my unconscious weaves the story of friendship for me, and that my conscious embraces that story.


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