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It does seem like one of the

It does seem like one of the main functions of psychiatry and psychology is to make people more functional members of society, but i don't think that this is necessarily done with sinister, mind-controlling intentions.  Some people probably want to be able to fit into society better.  Using the example of homosexuality: when it was less acceptable to be gay there where some people who appreciated psychiatry trying to make them strait.  I'm not saying this is good, I just mean that when people in the future look back at what we consider a disorder i'm sure some things will shock them. In a sociology class I learned that most new behaviors start as sins, then become diseases, then become accepted, and this makes sense to be in terms of a lot of mental health issues.
Also, i had a wierd thought the other night.  If we really think that some mental health disorders such as  schizophrenia
or depression are not actually disorders but adaptive mechanisms, and people with these "disorders" can take medication to be like everybody else, should people without them be able to take drugs that make them more like schizophrenics?


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