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working, working on, and working toward

 What's working? Well, we all seem to be able to work cooperatively, especially online. I like how our class is able to feed off of each other's ideas on the course forum. Actually, I'd say that what works most in this course is its heavy use of an online community. By posting online, whether it be the webpapers or a weekly posting, I have found that my attitude toward writing has shifted. No longer do I write for a professor - I'm writing for something more global. My writing is about conversation, about involving as many people as I can in a dialogue. And even more exciting, that dialogue has a chance to cross from the virtual world into reality as my classmates respond to what I've posted. Very rarely is the opportunity to be creative, to stretch the boundaries of argument, to use all the media available online, and to involve others - both inside and outside of my own class - present in an English course. 


That being said, I think that our class sometimes limits its discussions and argument because it gets stuck on something that is, frankly, not able to be argued. I know I posted this before, but we've spent half a semester asking, "What is reality?" when in the first week of class, we established that it had no real, concrete definition. We need to learn how to move on and to accept that there are some things (even as Bryn Mawr women!) that we cannot define. I'm looking for this class to be more progressive in its discussions - to accept that which we cannot know and to move on to what we can. 


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