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I really enjoyed Emily Artz

I really enjoyed Emily Artz French's visit to our class. I feel a lot of what she said is similar to our ideas about science and biological evolution. She demonstrated that the creative process is an evolution in itself. She raised questions about original thought and expressed doubt whether truly original thought is even possible. I felt as if this really touched upon the multiple perspectives we talked about in regard to the self. In my opinion we are all a combination of differing perspectives but each of us is a unique combination. So, every thought we have is made out of "old" components, it can be a new thought.

Another quote that stood out for me from Emily's talk was that she is always getting "one step closer to the ultimate vision" It was here that I saw the similarity between Emily's creative process and the scientific method. They both ask questions, experiment and ask more questions in the hope of arriving at something more true the next time around. 

p.s I apologize for my late post - for some reason I had the thought that I had already posted.

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