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 I found the discussion in

 I found the discussion in Thursday's class very interesting.  What I found particularly interesting was how Emily's art had formed itself.  She spoke of this huge gap, about 9 months I think it was. During this gap she had done nothing with the image she had in her head, then nine months later it all spilled out and she was inspired by something to paint.  So what was it that exactly happened in this gap of nine whole months? A similar thing happened to homo sapiens. All the genes and capability that we have now were there millions of years ago, but there was a significantly large gap between when we evolved, and when our "culture" began to come about. What was going on during that time?

Also, I didn't like that the pictures were purposely arranged in that order to fit evolution.  I find the order that they were created in would be way more interesting and telling of the thought process.

On the Parable of the Sower: it "sort of" reminded me of the book Brave New World. Except in Brave New World there was this Utopian society that they had created. Humans were artificially produced to be perfect and uniform.  They were conditioned since birth to be super intelligent, perfect, and content.  Immediate gratification was encouraged. Everyone was "happy", yet it was still so eerie. It was creepy that everything was perfect and everyone was so evolved and intelligent. Everyone was the same but no one cared because they were conditioned to be happy, they were not familiar with being....sad.  It made me sad, maybe we're not supposed to reach perfection and total happiness, maybe we will stay changing and just infinitely improve....


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