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The Book


I have been reading parable... it is the most depressing book I have read thus far.

I do not want my future to be like that. All that destruction and chaos where one cannot even

Walk outside for fear one can die. How a 5 year old child can be killed tragically. How a man’s best friend becomes a man eating monster. How something like global climate change affects our future generation.

I am starting to see why my elders always look at the past, in a world like that I would do the same. Does the world we live in now really hurt our ancestors. Is life always better when we are young? Is there never going to be a world where the present is what we are happy about and not looking forward to the future and remembering the past. Are humans so spoiled that they are never fully satisfied. Some children say they never want to be like their parents but that statement “in my day” but I feel like in the future when we are older in years will be caught saying that exact statement.

I read the book, but it is just something I am too afraid to realize. What are we as a society going to leave to future generation? I sure hope it is not that.




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