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While I have received all of

While I have received all of my shots, I completely understand why someone would have reservations for getting shots.  The unknown risks of medication are serious and should be questioned by parents.  But, on that note, parents should also consider the risks of not getting the recommended/required shots.  Not getting the shots, as mentioned in class, are detrimental to the child, as well as children that come in contact with that child.  While the parents who believe that the MMR vaccine causes autism, and I believe that they fell educated in this belief, they should seek out current information in regards to this belief.  I wonder what parents feel when their child has a disease that they could have vaccinated against.  But, I don't think that parents who worry about the risks of vaccinations should be disregarded as ignorant.  But, also I think that people should trust their doctors to make the right choices for them in regards to vaccinations for children at minimum. 


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