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The Melting Pot

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Jessica Bernal

Play in the City ESEM

 The Melting Pot

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As human beings, it is in our nature to clinch to conformity. We pursue crowds in society in which we can associate ourselves and find resources available to our daily needs. We seek not only a friendly welcoming, but also a challenge to explore and venture through everything society can offer to its people. Without the voice of the people, there’s nothing worth establishing. Skyscrapers, restaurants, public transportations, schools, and etc. physically construct a city, but without people, without soul and diversity it means nothing. A city is a puzzle and the people are its pieces, without a piece you cannot put a city together, you cannot call it a city.

The growing number of businesses should not measure the success of a city and how much money they’re bringing into the table, but rather the richness of the cultures offered. A city is a place where people can come and find whatever it is they need or want to experience. It should not constrain itself to the eyes of perfection, but rather embrace itself to its faults and learn from them, not simply ignore them and pretend they don’t exist.

We want a common ground, somewhere where we can all pursue our dreams, our safe havens, and our adventures. A city should offer the safe space we seek to grow as human beings, the mecca we all want and search for. The common ground in which everyone contributes one way or the other; whether it be the construction worker expanding our city, the teacher advocating our people that knowledge is power, or the food stands providing us rich food from different parts of the world. A city we can call home and not feel obligated to contribute, but in fact want to give back and make the city stronger and more welcoming to it’s people, the soul.